Take 100 Properties

Take any one hundred Lake District Properties over £500,000 that go on the market….

…and here’s what you’ll find:

 none will sell for over the asking price 2 will sell for the asking price 18 will sell for 95% - 99% of asking price 27 will sell for 90%-94% 33 will sell for 80%-89% 14 will sell for 70-79% 6 will sell for less than 70%  

This means you have a 20% chance of selling for less than 80% of your original asking price. On a £500,000 home, that means a £100,000 drop, and on a £1 million home, that’s a staggering discount of £200,000. It’s completely understandable therefore, if you feel reticent about selling your home. After all, how can you be sure it will get enough interest to achieve an offer you’d be happy with? 

Is your home highly saleable?

Knowing how saleable your home is, means you’ll be informed whilst you consider selling and you’ll be ready if and when you decide to put your home on the market. This will save you time, and enable you to ultimately sell your home for more. In addition, having the right information to guide your decisions about how and when to put your home on the market will stop you making mistakes that could cost you money, and disrupt your plans.

Become a savvy seller with our advice

Tom and Claire sought our advice over the sale of their Victorian vicarage and as a result, decided to delay their house going on the market until they had prepared their home more fully. They ultimately sold for only 3% less than their asking price, within six weeks. 

“It’s incredible how a little know-how and preparation can make such a huge difference to selling successfully – take advice from the experts – they have masses of experience. We hadn’t moved since 1982 – way before Rightmove existed!” 

Here’s what to expect from us

We’ll come to your home, by appointment. First we’ll ask about your personal situation, and moving plans, if you have any. Then we’ll ask for a tour of your home, so we can give you our best ideas to prepare your home for sale, if that’s what you want. If you like our advice, we’ll show you how we market unique homes like yours and give you some examples of our beautiful bespoke brochures. If you judge these to be of a high enough calibre, then we will give you a detailed Bespoke Marketing Proposal.

You continue to be the judge at every step. 

If you decide you’d like to sell your house with us, you are completely in control of all the marketing we create for you: lifestyle photography, magazine brochure, visual branding – we only sign these off when you absolutely love everything we’ve done. 

An incredible brochure, no matter what. 

We were recently asked to provide a Saleability Consultation for a wonderful home in Windermere. It had languished on the market for six long months with a traditional estate agent, with only a handful of viewings. We could see why. The photographs were unflattering, the Rightmove advert uninspired, and the ‘brochure’ was simply three printed pages stapled together, and this was a £525,000 detached house with stunning views. We were amazed by how lovely this home was in person – nothing at all like it had looked online. No wonder it had not received a single offer in half a year on the market. Here’s what the homeowner, Mrs Webb, emailed to us after our visit:

““We hadn’t realised just how poor our marketing was until you showed us examples of your brochures – what a difference! We have given our estate agent notice today and would love you to sell our home, just like you showed us. We can’t wait to see our own bespoke brochure!”

Here's what to do next

  •  Schedule your free Saleability Consultation by calling us on 015394 88811 
  • We’ll describe to you exactly what your home needs – room by room – to make it extremely desirable to buyers 
  • We’ll show you examples of our brochures, lifestyle photographs and visual branding 
  • We’ll give you a detailed Bespoke Marketing Proposal
  • You decide if you’d like to sell your home with us.  


If you have a question we havn't covered, please get in touch. 

Call Sam or Phil on 015394 88811 or email team@ashdownjones.co.uk 



Beautiful images, captured at dusk, to show your home at its twinkly best.


Lifestyle sells: stunning images of the very best of the lifestyle your home offers.


A sale board should promote your home; not our agency. That’s why all our boards feature your home, looking magnificent.


Magazine-style brochures that your buyers will love to read, all about your home.


Professional styling to make sure your home looks at its very best, for photography and for your viewers.


A bespoke and unique visual brand, created just for you and your home.

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